Top Online Marketing Services In 2018

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Online marketing trends

In 2018, you need to have a comprehensive online marketing strategy in your sales and marketing business plan to enhance your web visibility and drive more revenue. In this post, our friends from one of the best Vancouver digital marketing agency will look at the major online marketing trends you should pay more attention to this year. Paying careful attention to these trends will give you a big leg up over your competitors, and make 2018 more profitable for you.

Content Marketing that Attracts and Engages Prospects

Today, websites are increasingly shifting from simple blogging to more complicated strategies that involve ebooks, infographics, etc. While you don’t necessarily have to go all out like that, you should be offering your audience great value from the content you post.

The thing to keep in mind is that most people go online to get educated. They want straight answers to their burning questions or learn more about things they engage in so that they can do them better. If you can successfully satisfy their need for your content, you’ll win their attention. Publishing awesome content consistently should hold their attention, and this can drive repeat business.

Video will Continue to Dominate

Are you interested in Facebook Live just yet? Well, you should be. Facebook recently published data showing users are ten times more likely to comment on a Facebook Live video than on other posts. And even if your business does not rely much on Facebook live, incorporating video into your marketing is crucial.

On average, 45% of users watch over half an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos every week. Considering there are over 2 billion active Facebook users in the world, this would mean over 1 billion people watch half an hour of video a week. That’s quite a large audience to explore.

Perhaps the main reason why video is much more popular is that it communicates more effectively for most users, and hold more attention than still images and text alone. That why many small businesses who’ve sought out for video from their online marketing services have been finding huge returns. Whether it’s a form of content or a paid ad, video is very effective in driving huge amounts of engagement.

Facebook Advertising

In the last few years, Facebook ads have become quite sophisticated, and it’s finally at a point where you can target an audience more effectively and gain valuable insights from them. Without a strong Facebook ad presence, you are losing valuable customers to your competitors.

The relatively low average cost-per-click on Facebook makes it a cost-effective way to reach a highly targeted audience on a platform where they spend a significant part of their time. To multiply the impact, you can mix Facebook ads and video. Branded video or advertisement on social media generates over 1200% more shares than images and text combined.

Search Engine Optimization

When combined with content marketing, SEO can take you farther, for longer. Both are the most cost-effective ways of powering up your visibility and organic reach on the internet. SEO involves the use of certain techniques that work towards getting your web pages into the top spots on the search engine results pages (SERPs). This makes it easier for prospects to find you by just searching a topic they’re interested in.

Some of the basic SEO techniques to help your site get indexed and ranked at the top of search results include: a well-designed, organized, and responsive website, strategically placed keywords, clean page URLs, and link building.

Search Engine Marketing Vancouver can help you harness with the power of the internet and take your business to the next level. The trends we’ve discussed above will help you boost your organic traffic, gain more visibility, and engage more users to turn them into loyal customers. To get the winning edge over your competitors and expand your business in 2018, be sure to use these trends and avail the right online marketing services.


Why Hire Local SEO Marketing Company?

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Kelowna BC Local SEO Marketing

Your Company and SEO Marketing

Embracing local SEO for your company’s marketing efforts can provide the game changer needed to boost your business. Local SEO is driven by keyword strategies, so partnering with an internet marketing company that specializes in research will help ensure that you receive top rankings among the search engines. Facts support this. It might not come as a surprise to you that 96 percent of all consumers search the internet to find local businesses and 67 percent of those searches are directly affected by the business’ geolocation. If you have a good local SEO in Kelowna BC plan in place, then your business will not miss out on the competition.

Just consider the way Google ranks their search results, and you might get a better understanding. For starters, provided you have your business already set up on Google+, the address associated with your page puts you in the geo-cyber-spectrum to be listed as a result. Google also looks at your presence in online directories as well, so the more times you are mentioned in these, the better it is for your page ranking.

Also, keep in mind that today’s world is a lot different than that of the 80’s and word of mouth can be both good and bad for your company. As for local SEO and ranking well on Google, it is best to have great customer service to back all of your listings. That way, when new customers find you, they will see a listing of someone who has done business with you in the past and has something good to say about your company. In the internet age, customers can and will comment on your Google+ with a good or bad review. Therefore, it is important to remember that pleasing the customers extends well beyond the sale.

After your local SEO Company establishes a strong presence for you within the search engine community, they will build reliable backlinks and write professional, optimized local SEO copy for your website that conveys an original, relevant and professional understanding of your business. Google looks heavily at these factors, especially in regards to website content.

Get stuck on the train to nowhere by only promoting your business through paid advertising. This can be a short-term solution, but in no way does it maintain a standing relationship with your current and potential customers. Local SEO is earned business and keeps you relevant in your community. Use a trustworthy medium to build your business and watch it grow over the years instead of seeing a steady decline when the advertising dollars run out.

Hire a local SEO company to create a website for you. SEO is search engine optimization, a marketing technique that aims to rank your website on top of search results. Your website should include important and useful information about your business, and photos to add visuals. You can increase your rank in search engines by effectively using keywords in your webpage that are frequently typed or used by your target market.

It is not enough that your local SEO marketing techniques catch the attention of your prospective customers. Studies show that the average web reader scans articles on the Internet before moving on to another link. Thus content should be unique and should optimize keywords to spark interest and result in sales.

Optimizing the text content of your website is winning just half the battle. The other half involves visually impressing your readers through your web design. If you don’t have the skills to design a website, you can hire an SEO web design services expert to create one for you


Key Digital Marketing Tips For Trade Shows

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Digital Marketing at Trade Shows

Trade shows are important for businesses and getting the marketing campaign in place is essential. You need to set things into motion so they don’t spiral out of control making it harder for you to develop a proper strategy. A good option is to look at digital marketing with an eye towards the future. This article is going to illustrate some of the key digital marketing tips one can follow while prepping for an upcoming trade show.

These tips are tested personally by us at Becker Inc. and are going to generate great results for your setup when it comes to digital marketing

1) Build Landing Page

Do you have a landing page that is going to drive people in when you are setting up ad campaigns?

Don’t create a generic landing page because that isn’t the purpose of the trade show. You are going to create one that is specific to the trade show and is going to highlight when it is going to take place. You want to have all the key information on this landing page so people can sign up.

They will feel like it is official when you do it this way and that is when people come in a hurry.

2) Digitally Record the Event

This is a tactic that has been used and does work wonders based on how you are spreading the event’s popularity.

You want to think about people who may wish to see how the event goes and how popular it was with your booth. The goal is to look at spreading this around and getting more people to buy in. The recording can be done on the go when the trade show is happening and can be later be uploaded for marketing on your Youtube Channel. It’s is a great long-term play when it comes to your digital marketing needs. It will generate real results and you will adore how well the campaign takes off.

3) Create “Appointment” Style Campaign

This is something people don’t do when it comes to their marketing campaigns and it is required.

The idea is to set up an appointment style campaign that is going to make people sign up to be at the trade show. They will be able to attend the trade show if they are on the list and that is going to make them feel special. It is also a great way to record the type of traction you are getting with the trade show.

This is a must and should be linked to your landing page.

Facebook Advertising megaphone graphic

4) Target Local Audience Using Social Media Ad Campaigns

It can be a simple ad on FaceBook that is targeted to people in your niche around the area of the trade show. It’s a local hit and one that is going to generate intrigue. Those who are in the region will be more than willing to stop by because of how near it is to them.

This is how you can convert the ad into revenue when it comes to the trade show and how well it works out over time.

These are the digital marketing tips you have to think about or you are going to lose out on optimizing the trade show. There are many things to consider when you are propping up a trade show and looking to make money but digital marketing has to be on your mind.

A campaign that doesn’t look into digital marketing will not cut it in this day and age. You are not going to generate the type of return that is going to make the trade show a real success. All it takes is these tips to get there! Be sure to check back with us at for your continued tips and tricks for trade show marketing.


Tradeshow Exhibits Marketing

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Tradeshow marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing for small businesses. These events are opportunities to get in from of potentially hundreds or thousands of other people and business owners to promote your services. This is a rare case where you are able to get in front of so many people in such a short amount of time and it is extremely valuable to perfect your trade show display and present your business in the best manner possible.

Display Booth Marketing

There are many techniques to make sure your business is visible at the trade show and one your display. Your display booth needs many things but most importantly it needs to reflect your brand, colors, and your business name and maybe your website as well. Make sure your company name is at the TOP of your display! During the event, your employees and other colleagues will be standing in front of your booth. If your brand name is too low on the display, it will be hidden behind the bystanders and nobody will know if it is your company! This is a critical mistake to avoid if your business isn’t a household name. See the example below with the name in big bold letters at the top of the trade show display.

Example Trade show display with business name at the top

Interactive and Digital Marketing Displays

Digital Marketing Display Booth

Another great aspect of your trade show booth should be a digital and interactive part of your booth. This will engage customers and present your digital marketing strategy in a video format or people will be able to interact with your brand. A great example is having videos playing of projects you have completed on various TV’s or if someone can interact with software you have built to experience it first hand with an experienced user near by to help guide them through it. This interactive and digital marketing displays will help a customer remember your company and impress many users to go with your business.

Promotional Products

Everyone likes free stuff. Some of the most important items to bring are your company’s marketing materials and branded promotional products. It’s important that you have things to give out to people who walk by. Simple brochures describing your company, its projects, and what sets you apart from the other companies is a must have. Other items such a pens, pencils, coffee cups, tote bags, stress balls, and other useful office or niche products would be great give aways. It may not seem like these are important but you never know when someone is thinking about a purchase and they happen to be using your pen at the time. They might decide to go with your business because your company was in front of them right at the correct moment. Big name companies like McDonald’s, Victoria Secret, Nike, Pepsi, Coke, Budweiser all run ads constantly on TV. Everyone knows who they are but they are trying to catch someone right at the buying moment that they want to visit that business. The same applies to your promotional products and overall marketing strategy.

Give Away Marketing

Promotional products are great but everyone gives them away. To set yourself a part, have one or a few items to give away by collecting business cards. These big ticket items show be something unforgettable to your potential clients. Give away something unique that costs $25-$50 that they will be excited to win. A few examples are Bluetooth speakers, DVD’s of shows, or a gift card to an expensive restaurant. These great products will spread the word throughout the trade show that your business is giving away something extravagant and more people will come visit your booth just to enter the giveaway.

Use all of these tips for your overall Trade Show Exhibit Marketing to benefit your business and make sure you are seen in the best possible light to the hundreds of visitors and colleagues that visit the trade show.