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Key Digital Marketing Tips For Trade Shows

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Digital Marketing at Trade Shows

Trade shows are important for businesses and getting the marketing campaign in place is essential. You need to set things into motion so they don’t spiral out of control making it harder for you to develop a proper strategy. A good option is to look at digital marketing with an eye towards the future. This article is going to illustrate some of the key digital marketing tips one can follow while prepping for an upcoming trade show.

These tips are tested personally by us at Becker Inc. and are going to generate great results for your setup when it comes to digital marketing

1) Build Landing Page

Do you have a landing page that is going to drive people in when you are setting up ad campaigns?

Don’t create a generic landing page because that isn’t the purpose of the trade show. You are going to create one that is specific to the trade show and is going to highlight when it is going to take place. You want to have all the key information on this landing page so people can sign up.

They will feel like it is official when you do it this way and that is when people come in a hurry.

2) Digitally Record the Event

This is a tactic that has been used and does work wonders based on how you are spreading the event’s popularity.

You want to think about people who may wish to see how the event goes and how popular it was with your booth. The goal is to look at spreading this around and getting more people to buy in. The recording can be done on the go when the trade show is happening and can be later be uploaded for marketing on your Youtube Channel. It’s is a great long-term play when it comes to your digital marketing needs. It will generate real results and you will adore how well the campaign takes off.

3) Create “Appointment” Style Campaign

This is something people don’t do when it comes to their marketing campaigns and it is required.

The idea is to set up an appointment style campaign that is going to make people sign up to be at the trade show. They will be able to attend the trade show if they are on the list and that is going to make them feel special. It is also a great way to record the type of traction you are getting with the trade show.

This is a must and should be linked to your landing page.

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4) Target Local Audience Using Social Media Ad Campaigns

It can be a simple ad on FaceBook that is targeted to people in your niche around the area of the trade show. It’s a local hit and one that is going to generate intrigue. Those who are in the region will be more than willing to stop by because of how near it is to them.

This is how you can convert the ad into revenue when it comes to the trade show and how well it works out over time.

These are the digital marketing tips you have to think about or you are going to lose out on optimizing the trade show. There are many things to consider when you are propping up a trade show and looking to make money but digital marketing has to be on your mind.

A campaign that doesn’t look into digital marketing will not cut it in this day and age. You are not going to generate the type of return that is going to make the trade show a real success. All it takes is these tips to get there! Be sure to check back with us at http://www.beckerinc.com for your continued tips and tricks for trade show marketing.